Businesses often overlook the complexity of Individual Consumer Requests. What do I mean? There is actually a lot that goes into allowing consumers to be able to exercise their rights under the CCPA.

A good way to visualize this is by thinking of it like an iceberg. Yes, you’re going to have to train employees—Yes, you will need a process in place for verifying the requesting consumers’ identity, and yes, you will need to have processes on the front end.

But beneath all of this, on the backend, you need to know where all relevant personal information is stored within your systems, and now with the CCPA, this extends to the systems of all third parties, such as vendors or partners you may have shared it with.

Thus, when we consider which steps we must take in order to comply with these new rights, organizations must not only think about what the requirement says on its face, but they must also consider all the steps —beneath the surface—leading up to allow you to carry out consumer rights and achieve compliance.

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