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Simplify compliance with the GDPR, CCPA,

and emerging privacy regulations.

Slide Meet our Team people Mike Harrigan
Founder & CEO
Peter Prabhu
Senior Consultant
Jay Bola
Senior Consultant
Josh Slone
UX/UI Developer
Thomas Dombrowski
Wendy Kennedy
Senior Consultant

Mike close Mike Harrigan
Founder & CEO
Michael is a legal expert on international data privacy laws. He has published numerous articles on E.U. and U.S. privacy laws. He works closely with clients to assist them with GDPR compliance and coordinate employee training across all departments within organizations. Provide outsourced Data Protection Officer services. These services include, but are not limited to, assisting clients with data mapping in order to fully document how they process and store personal data of their employees, customers, and third-party providers. Guest speaker on GDPR and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence at multinational enterprises.
Peter close Peter Prabhu
Senior Consultant
Located in Singapore and Montreal, Canada, Mr. Peter Prabhu is our senior analyst for Data Privacy, Security & Risk, helping companies worldwide design and execute strategies that leverage privacy to drive differentiation in the marketplace. Peter has done extensive work on the impact of internet regulations and data privacy issues on digital business models as well as the technologies that underpin them. Peter's experience includes data protection, and privacy in the context of cloud computing analytics. He has done business in more than 25 countries throughout Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe and is a regular speaker at international conferences focused on data privacy and protection in emerging markets, technology entrepreneurship, business and finance.

Mr. Prabhu holds a B. Com in Finance from McGill University (Great Distinction), where he was a James McGill Scholar and the medalist in finance. He also holds a Master's degree in Management from the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, a Certificate in E- Commerce Business Development from New York University, is a qualified CPA/CA in Canada, USA, and Singapore.
Jay close Jay Bola
Senior Consultant
Jay Bola is a legal expert on data privacy and is a Member of the Law Society of the United Kingdom as a Solicitor. He has extensive experience assisting organizations in managing data privacy and security. He works with clients to assist them with GDPR compliance and providing advice and recommendations to clients regarding the interpretation and application of data privacy laws.
Wendy close Wendy Kennedy
Senior Consultant
Wendy is a notable international legal expert on data privacy and security law, having authored two books on Data Privacy and Security Law. She is often invited to speak on the topic as a guest lecturer on GDPR at many multinational enterprises. As an accomplished international attorney, Ms. Kennedy is a member of the Law Society of the United Kingdom as a Solicitor and is a member of the Maryland Bar. She holds an LLM in International Law, International Business, Trade, and Tax law. She has extensive experience assisting multinational enterprises in managing their global risks, which includes data privacy and security, global taxation and compliance and governance. Ms. Kennedy works closely with our clients to ensure they achieve and maintain GDPR compliance. She provides outsourced data privacy officer services. These services include, but are not limited to, assisting clients to fully document how they process the personal data of their staff, customers, providers and any other individuals in compliance with the applicable data protection rules and providing ongoing support with interpretation and application of data privacy laws.
Thomas close Thomas Dombrowski
Thomas specializes in developing and executing privacy strategies to help organizations comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act. His key passion is using his knowledge in technology to automate privacy processes to ensure compliance enables business growth.

Through extensive research and close monitoring of emerging legislative updates, Thomas is uniquely positioned to advise companies on best practices to achieve and sustain ongoing compliance.
Josh close Josh Slone
UX/UI Developer
Josh works closely with our team to develop the user interface of privacy applications, making privacy functional and accessible to all web users.

Having founded Tomorrow’s Tone, who's mission statement is to improve the quality of life for the special needs community, Josh deeply understands the need to ensure that privacy is sufficiently accessible to individuals across the globe.

His human-centered design creates trust and inclusive privacy experiences, all while remaining compliant with global privacy laws.

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